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BrightLink® Interactive Projectors for Education

Transforming today’s classrooms

Epson’s high-performance, network-ready BrightLink® interactive projectors are transforming today's classrooms. Featuring 3LCD technology for high color brightness and wide color gamut. BrightLink provides a fully integrated system that eliminates the need for a dedicated electronic whiteboard.

Get More from Your Projector1

Transform any flat surface

Turn existing dry erase whiteboards, plain walls and tables into interactive workspaces. Create interactive display areas measuring from 60" up to 100" with no extra cost.

Increase classroom engagement

Turn your whiteboard into a giant tablet by using an interactive stylus pen or your fingers to interact with your computer to control, annotate, draw and more. BrightLink projectors offers multi-user capabilities that support the use of two stylus pens and up to six fingers at a time.

Manage with ease

Wirelessly share and compare students' work from multiple devices at once with Epson network Moderator software and the Epson iProjection™ app. Connect up to 50 devices simultaneously including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices, and share student content to the projector for all to see.


Computer-free operation

Annotate on projected images from an iPad®, iPod®, a document camera or a Blu-Ray player—all without ever connecting to a computer. 

Easily access every app

With PC interactivity, your whiteboard becomes your monitor and your pen or finger becomes your mouse. Easily display and interact with any application on your computer including Microsoft Office, web browsers and top curriculum titles such as SMART Learning Suite.

Save time and money with remote monitoring

Networked projectors with Epson EasyMP projection and monitoring features save school time and money by allowing IT managers to remotely monitor projector status and control basic functions, such as powering the projector on or off. Networked projectors also allow teachers to present content to any projector on the network.

Gain peace of mind

Epson provides drivers and software downloads, tools and resources, how-to videos and more to help you set up and operate your BrightLink. And with the Epson Brighter Futures program, BrightLink projectors are backed by a three-year warranty (up to 90 days on lamps), and next-day replacement with free shipping if you experience an issue with your projector. If you can't find the help you need, feel free to contact us.

Award-Winning Interactive Projectors

Scholastic Tech Tools

Editor, Brian Nadel, gave the BrightLink 679Ui an A- grade and detailed the presentation display’s features, functionality, cost, and more. He concluded the review by saying that it is “without a doubt, the most versatile projector made to date.”

Best Projectors of 2018

BrightLink listed as one of the best projectors of 2018.

Case Studies

Learn how BrightLink is helping improve attention spans in the classroom.

Resources for Existing Users

Tutorial videos

See how easy it is to install and use BrightLink in your classroom. Get helpful tips and learn everything you need to know about using BrightLink from our video series.


Have questions about your BrightLink product? Find the answers you need in the FAQs section of your BrightLink projector.

Professional development

Educational institutions interested in professional development on BrightLink products should contact their BrightLink reseller. Professional development is also offered by Eduscape Learning.

Display Size Matters

What's Inside this Whitepaper:

  • Key Factors for Selecting the Right Display Size
  • The 4/6/8 Rule
  • Classroom Configurations

BrightLink Support

Find support for BrightLink, from frequently asked questions (FAQ) to product manuals and contact information.


3Features may not be available on all BrightLink models – check brochure for specifics.

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