Controlling the Moderator Function

When using the moderator function, only one person plays a role of moderator who can control the projected display. The moderator can manage and display content from up to 4 devices simultaneously (out of 50 total connected devices).

  1. Connect to the projector as the moderator. Do one of the following:

    • Select the Connect as a Moderator option on the main Epson iProjection screen before connecting to your projector.
    • Tap  and select Become Moderator.
    The icon appears at the top of the app screen.
  2. To control projection and moderate connected devices, tap at the top of the app screen and tap Multi Device Projection.

    You can control the moderator function using the following controls:

    • Tap to project content from a single device.
    • Tap to project content from two devices.
    • Tap to project content from four devices.
    • Tap any of the light blue squares at the top of the app screen, then tap the name of a device in the list below to project from that device.
    • Tap to freeze the image from a device.
    • Tap to resume projection from a device.
    • Tap once to temporarily stop projection from a device, tap the icon again to resume normal display.
    • Tap to switch projection to your device.
    • Tap to quit the moderator function or to disconnect all connected devices.
  3. To share an image with all connected devices, tap and select Share image. Select Projected image to share your current image with all devices or select Blank image to share a blank screen that users can annotate.

    Note: If the Share image option does not appear in the menu on the moderator device, your projector does not support this function.