Viewing Shared Images

Users can view and annotate images shared by the moderator.

Note: If the Share image option does not appear in the menu on the moderator device, your projector does not support this function.

  1. Tap  at the top of the app screen.

  2. Tap Shared Images.

    You can control the shared image function using the following controls:

    • Tap  or swipe left to display the next shared image.
    • Tap  or swipe right to display the previous shared image.
    • Tap  to display the last shared image.
    • Tap  to display the first shared image.
    • Tap  to open the annotation tool.
    • Tap  to project the current image (not available when a moderator controls the projector).
    • Spread two fingers apart to zoom in.
    • Pinch two fingers together to zoom out
    • Tap , then tap Edit to delete shared images.