A High Standard of Automation Solutions for Life Sciences

Epson has over 40 years of experience in providing robotic automation solutions for medical, laboratory, diagnostic, biotechnological and pharmaceutical sciences. We understand that life sciences manufacturers are held to a higher standard, and work tirelessly to ensure our automation solutions deliver the upmost level of quality assurance, without sacrificing speed or precision.

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Strength in Numbers

As the number one SCARA robot manufacturer in the world, our lineup of over 300 robot models is engineered to be dependable, precise and fast. Combined with our industry knowledge and technical expertise, Epson is the ideal partner to help address the unique challenges of today’s life science companies.

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With decades of industry experience, Epson has a proven track record in delivering high-performing automation solutions.

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Epson robots are long-lasting, require little maintenance, and maintain repeatability down to 5 microns.

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Epson’s security options are engineered to ensure consistent and traceable manufacturing for FDA regulation compliance.

Success in Real World Applications

Epson’s T3 All-in-One SCARA Robot, Vision Guide, and IntelliFlex™ 240 Feeding System, provides effective high-mix parts feeding automation and accurate assembly.

Automated Process for High-Mix Parts Feeding


Polymer Conversions, a medical device/plastic injection molding contract manufacturer, needed an effective way to automate the process of inserting threaded brass components into plastic injection molded parts to enable operators to focus on more challenging tasks.


Engineered Vision’s Flex-Bot, powered with Epson’s T3 All-in-One SCARA Robot, Vision Guide, and IntelliFlex 240 Feeding System, provides effective high-mix parts feeding automation and accurate assembly, freeing operators from repetitive tasks, so they can deliver high value with fast ROI.

Epson G6 SCARA robots employed at various stations cost-effectively and efficiently automate syringe manufacturing.

Cleanroom Robots for Medical Syringe Manufacturing


A large medical OEM customer requested that Tessy Automation (formerly known as NuTec Tooling Systems) develop a new machine to automate manufacturing syringes for medical diagnostics, including a COVID-19 medical application.


Tessy Automation's Syringe coating machine includes four Epson G6 SCARA robots employed at various stations within the machine to cost-effectively and efficiently automate syringe manufacturing.

A Leader in Life Sciences Automation

Epson has introduced many robot industry firsts such as ISO Class 1 cleanroom compliance and developing the first anti-static robots. Epson's strong history of successful innovation in automation solutions make Epson robots ideal for the ever-evolving fields of medicine, diagnostics, biotechnology, and other life sciences.

Medical Technology Solutions

Epson robots offer traceable manufacturing to help customers comply with FDA standards, are perfect for use in cleanroom environments, and are an excellent solution for high-changeover/low-volume manufacturing. Examples include:

  • Glucose monitoring systems
  • Cardiac pacemaker battery assembly
  • X-Ray and MRI component handling and inspection
  • Tube laser marking for medical devices
  • N95 mask and PPE manufacturing

Laboratory Sciences & Diagnostics

Automation with Epson robots and integrated solutions can help manufacturers scale up complicated and tedious manual processes to achieve fast, high-volume output. Examples include:

  • Precision vial dispensing
  • Blood testing
  • Test strip assembly
  • Fluid dispensing for DNA testing
  • Pipette inspection and packaging

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical

Epson robots provide biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with road-tested reliability to help optimize product quality control and manufacturing compliance. Examples include:

  • Vaccine dispensing syringe manufacturing
  • Medicine packaging
  • Prescription pill dispensing
  • Pill blister pack assembly
  • Pharmaceutical kitting

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