Cobots vs. Industrial Robots

Designed for human-robot collaboration, cobots can be a great option for shared automation environments. But, did you know that industrial robots can deliver many of the same benefits at faster speeds and a low cost of ownership?

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Why Should You Choose an Industrial Robot?

Fast Cycle Times

Industrial robots perform better in applications that require fast cycle time to maximize part production.

High-Precision Technology

In applications that require high precision movements, an industrial robot with repeatability down to 5 microns is often a better choice.

Simplify Risk Assessment

All robot systems require risk assessments and many applications still require safeguarding, regardless of robot type. Safeguarding, required for all industrial robots, can help decrease risk assessment considerations.

Affordable Price

A widely used, time-tested solution, industrial robots can be a cost-effective alternative to pricey cobots. With a multitude of accessories and safety devices available at an affordable cost, industrial robots offer high convenience at a reasonable price point.

Automation Applications

Epson industrial robots are extremely versatile and provide a wide range of automation possibilities.

Pick & Place
Part Transfer & Material Handling

Kitting/Tray Loading
Machine Tending
Screw Driving

Lab Analysis & Testing
Inspection & Test
Material Removal/Surface Finishing

Robotic Solutions offering Value without Compromise

All-In-One Series Robots

With a space-saving design, ease of use, and a built-in controller, Epson 6-Axis and SCARA All-in-One robots are a convenient, ultra low-cost way to bring automation to your factory. To meet specialized applications, the VT6L is available in Cleanroom ISO4 or IP67 spec.

T-B Series Starting at $7,895 USD
VT-Series Starting at $14,595 USD


Easy-to-install and integrate to help reduce overall implementation time

Uncompromised Value

Next generation technology at an incredibly affordable price


Includes the same outstanding reliability, integrated options and ease-of-use as Epson's high-end robots

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