All-In-One Series Robots

Ultra-Low Cost Industrial Robots

With a space-saving design, ease of use, and a built-in controller, Epson 6-Axis and SCARA All-in-One robots are a convenient, ultra low cost way to bring automation to your factory.

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Simplicity redefined in ultra-low cost solution


Easy to install and integrate to help reduce overall implementation time

Ultra-Low Cost

Next generation technology at an incredibly affordable price


Includes the same outstanding reliability, integrated options and ease-of-use as Epson's high end robots

Epson Innovations

Groundbreaking technology for extraordinary performance

All-in-One Design

Space-saving design with built-in controller, emergency stop, I/O, USB, Ethernet and Teach Pendant are all available from easy access back panel

Installation Flexibility

Comes standard with 110 V and 220 V power, or as a 48 V DC-powered mobile version (VT-Series)

Minimize Downtime

No battery required for encoder, helps reduce overall cost of ownership

SCARA All-in-One Robots

T-B Series Starting at $7,895 USD
Payload: 3kg and 6kg | Reach: 400mm and 600mm

The ideal alternative to slide-based solutions, All-in-One design includes power for end-of-arm tooling, 4 built-in axes in one compact design. Perfect for pick and place, simple assembly, material handing and dispensing.

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6-Axis All-in-One Robots

VT-Series Starting at $14,595 USD
Payload: 6kg | Reach: 900mm

Features Slimline design perfect for factories with limited floor space and compact wrist pitch that enables robot easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for load/ unload, packaging or parts assembly applications. Cleanroom (ISO4) and Protected (IP67) models available.

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Powerful Integrated Options

Solutions to easily and quickly build various applications under one programming environment.

Vision Guidance | Parts Feeding | GUI Builder | Add‑on Instructions | Fieldbus I/O Interfaces

Epson RC+ and RC+ Express Development Software

The ultimate selection of powerful, easy-to-use features

Epson RC+ advanced software includes fully integrated options such as Vision Guidance, Force Guidance, Conveyor Tracking, Parts Feeding and more. Epson RC+ Express features an easy-to-learn, block-style robot teaching environment, ideal for new users with little or no coding experience.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Automation

If you are considering factory automation, this Automation 101 guide will provide the considerations you need to evaluate before getting started.