Robot Experts in Automotive Manufacturing

In an industry where components are getting smaller, more connected, and more advanced, Epson’s precision automation heritage makes us uniquely qualified to address your most pressing manufacturing challenges.

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World-Class Automation Solutions

Epson's broad lineup of easy-to-use yet versatile robots and solutions are designed to be reliable and provide customers the adaptability they need in a rapidly changing automotive market.

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With Epson’s IntelliFlexTM Parts Feeding System and the easy-to-use Epson RC+® operating environment, automotive manufacturers and suppliers can easily adapt automation equipment to fit new products or solutions.

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Epson robots provide automotive manufacturers and suppliers with the ability to develop and deploy solutions quickly to maintain a competitive edge both externally and internally.

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Epson robots help ensure the utmost in quality control with available options such as integrated vision guidance for inspection, ISO cleanroom certification and washdown protection (IP).

Revolutionizing Automotive Automation

With over 40 years of experience in robotics, Epson is uniquely qualified to provide automation solutions for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to meet today's industry requirements.

Propulsion and Powertrain

Epson robots are playing a vital role in helping powertrain and propulsion component manufacturers address the small-parts, high-precision needs to support industry migration from gas to electric. Examples include:

  • Battery packaging
  • Lithium cell battery assembly
  • Cable and harness fabrication
  • Transmission linkage assembly
  • Bearing production

Electronics, Sensors, and Mechatronics

Epson’s strength is in small parts electronics assembly, making our robots well-suited for the demands of automotive mechatronic, electrification and sensor technology manufacturers. Examples include:

  • Rearview cameras
  • Control module assembly
  • Electronic encoder assembly
  • Laser diode test system for fiber optics industry
  • Automated inspection and handling of PC boards

Plastic and Composite Peripherals

Epson’s focus on flexible manufacturing is bringing mass adaptability to car manufacturers that rely on lightweight plastics, composite (carbon fiber) and additive 3D-printed materials to decrease assembly time and overall car weight. Examples include:

  • Airbag packaging and propellant installation
  • Instrument column testing
  • Dashboard assembly
  • Key fob assembly
  • Infotainment assembly and testing

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