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Industrial Automation Solutions

Batteries, valve assemblies, flooring, smoke detectors and more are built using Epson Robots. High reliability and high performance are the key factors when vendors select Epson Robots for their Industrial Applications.

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Epson Robots are ideal for a wide variety of industrial product manufacturing. With protected (washdown/dustproof) models available, some of our robots work in very nasty environments building products 24/7 365 days a year. Reliability and high performance is the key in industrial product manufacturing applications and those are some of Epson Robots strongest traits. With hundreds of industrial applications being done today, we’re sure we can help you with your next application as well. Show us your parts and we’ll be glad to help you find solutions for your next industrial assembly or manufacturing application.

  • Coil winding around motor shaft
  • Industrial consumable load/unload
  • Light bulb assembly
  • Hydraulic valve testing and assembly
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Flooring manufacturing
  • Hinge assembly
  • Smoke detector assembly
  • Industrial flow and couplings assembly
  • Casket assembly