Corporate Business Projectors

See and Be Seen

The world of work is changing dramatically — collaboration now plays out on screen.

Epson’s laser projectors allow everyone to participate, whether remote or in person, with no need to sacrifice content.

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Epson’s Corporate Business 3LCD Projector options provide big, ultra-wide, immersive displays that deliver an experience typical flat panels can’t.


Epson’s laser projector displays are big, bright, and immersive. The expansive image gives remote collaborators an equal presence in the room and provides plenty of space for presentations, chats, documents, and more.


The ultra-wide, flexible image can scale or change aspect ratio from one meeting to the next to maximize the impact of content for immersive collaboration. Unlike with a flat-panel, you’re not confined by a frame.


Epson laser projectors integrate seamlessly into work life. Walk in the room knowing your display will turn on and function smoothly with the tools you’re already using, like Microsoft Teams and other third-party apps.

One Brand. Many Applications.

Whether it’s a conference room, a large corporate theater, or a hardworking team meeting room, Epson has you covered.

Large Meeting & Executive Briefing Room Projectors

Interchangeable lens projectors for larger-than-life images; feature pro tools and 6k to 30k lumens.

Conference Room Projectors

Epson’s compact fixed-lens standard-throw projectors; up to 7k lumens.

Small Collaboration & Co-Creation Room Projectors

Fixed lens ultra-short-throw projectors provide big images in smaller spaces; up to 5k lumens.

Experience immersive collaboration –
with Epson Laser Projectors.

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