Using the Annotation Tool

You can annotate photos, documents, or web pages that you are currently projecting.

  1. Display a photo, PDF, or web page.
  2. Tap to open the annotation tool.
  3. You can annotate the display and adjust the appearance of the pen using the following controls:

    Note: The available features may vary depending on the Android device you are using.

    • Tap to enable the pen tool. Drag your finger across the screen to draw on the projected image. Tap to change the color, weight, and opacity of the tool.

      Note: If you change slides, or navigate to a different web page or image, your current annotations will be lost.
    • Tap to enable the eraser. Drag your finger across the screen to erase any lines you have drawn. Tap to change the width of the eraser.
    • Tap to undo a previous annotation.

      Note: You can undo up to 10 previous annotations.
    • Tap to redo a previous annotation.
    • Tap to switch projection to your device (when multiple devices are connected to the projector).
    • Tap and select Save to save your current annotations.
    • Tap the back icon on your Android device to disable the annotation tool and clear any current annotations.