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From front desks and stadiums, to kitchens and concert halls, drive your hospitality business ahead with high‑performance technology solutions from an industry leader.


Discover the many ways Epson's hospitality solutions are being used to create lasting customer relationships and benefit business.

Wait List Ordering

"Epson's innovative and smart solutions enable guest reservations and orders to be routed directly to the host and kitchen from any smartphone or web‑enabled device for immediate processing." Restaurants typically have an average waitlist of 6.6 hours a week, with parties waiting nearly half an hour. Together with Epson, we can greatly improve this waiting experience everywhere.
- Nicholas Chaillan, CEO

Food Online Ordering Systems

"They have the technology and skill to take the online restaurant ordering experience to that next level. And together, we can create a more appealing online food ordering experience for customers while simultaneously enabling restaurants to maximize their business potential."
-2014 Technology Study

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Explore the innovative products designed for your business that offer outstanding value, results and a better bottom line.

POS & Labeling Solutions

Epson receipt printers have become the industry standard, delivering reliable, fast results while remaining compact and extremely cost effective.

Documents & Signage Solutions

Epson offers a variety of printers to handle everything from super-fast label creation to menus and instant, professional-level signage. Epson scanners can help you minimize paper clutter and make documents easier to trace and find.

Projectors for Digital Signage & Training

Whether you’re bringing personalized marketing to life, or sharing ideas with staff and colleagues, Epson projectors bring brightness and boldness that communicate ideas and inspire excellence.

Epson Smart Technology Speeds Up Lines at a Busy University Cafeteria in Utah

Learn how Epson OmniLink DT printers can dramatically speed up the ordering process by allowing one kiosk to serve orders to multiple smart kitchen printers.

Line Busting:A Guide for Consumer Industries

Discover how mobile technologies can help satisfy customer expectations, revolutionize the transaction experience and improve overall business.

Featured Technologies

Epson is an industry leader in bringing innovation to the hospitality market.

Mobile POS & Cloud

Bringing innovative mPOS solutions to your business

From tablet-enabled receipt printers to advanced all-in-one systems, Epson provides an ideal mobile POS solution for virtually any business.

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