Logistics Solutions

Accurate, Efficient & Cost-effective

Improve your operational efficiency while reducing costs with Epson’s line of innovative and reliable logistics solutions.

Enhance Your Workflow with Colour Label Printing

Improve work efficiency by adding pictures and colour coding to storage and packing labels. Our fast, rugged printers produce durable on-demand labels that won’t smudge or fade.

Professional, Legible Facility Label Printing 

Epson LabelWorks solutions print clear and consistent facility labels on-demand, when you need them. No need to use handwritten, often hard-to-read labels, tags or signs.  

Epson ColorWorks Colour Label Printers Put to the Test at ScanSource

See how ScanSource used Epson ColorWorks C3500 colour label printers to resolve challenges in printing labels for hazardous materials and to improve their shipping operations.

ColorWorks: Using the Impact of Colour in Labeling to Grow and Improve Business Whitepaper.

Learn how on-demand labels can build a stronger brand and improve quality and safety.

Versatile, Dependable Printing & Document Management

WorkForce Pro Printers

Put award-winning technology into your production system. With the ability to print up to 75,000 professional colour images before changing ink packs, you can meet your imaging and document needs in-house*.

WorkForce Pro Scanners

Organize your schematics, presentation materials and other important documentation. Auto paper-size detection and fast loading keep your focus on the production line instead of the front office.

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*Replacement ink pack yields are based on testing with IS0/IEC 24712 patterns with Epson’s methodology in default mode, printing continuously. Yields may vary considerably for reasons that include images printed, print settings, temperature and humidity. Yields may be lower when printing infrequently or predominantly with one ink colour. All ink colours are used for printing and printer maintenance. For print quality, part of the ink from the included cartridges or ink packs is used for printer start up and a variable amount of ink remains in the ink pack after the “replace ink pack” signal.