Support Projectors PowerLite Series Epson PowerLite 30c

Why is the warning indicator light flashing red at 0.5-second intervals?

  • This indicates a problem with the projection lamp. Check that the lamp and the lamp cover are securely installed. If the lamp or lamp cover is not securely installed, the lamp cannot be powered on. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet and then remove the lamp to check if it is broken. If the lamp is not broken, reinstall it. Then reconnect the power cord and press the [Power] button on either the projector's control panel or on the remote control to turn the power back on. If the lamp is broken, replace it with a new lamp (be careful to avoid pieces of broken glass), or contact your local dealer for further advice. If the indicators still show a problem, stop using the projector, disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet, and contact your dealer.
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