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How do I set up my product?

  • Your ultra-short throw projector is designed to be installed on a wall.

    Keep these considerations in mind as you select a projector location:

    • Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide to install the projector using the included mounting equipment.
    • Leave plenty of space around and under the projector for ventilation, and do not place it on top of or next to anything that could block the vents.
    • Position the projector within reach of a grounded electrical outlet or extension cord.

    Projector Setup and Installation Options

    You can set up or install your projector in the following ways:

    Mounted on the wall or ceiling

    Mounted on the wall or ceiling and projecting from behind a translucent screen

    Wherever you set up the projector, make sure to position it squarely in front of the screen, not at an angle.

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