Support Projectors PowerLite Series Epson PowerLite 685W for SMART

What is the difference between Epson PowerLite projectors and Epson PowerLite for SMART projectors?

  • The Epson PowerLite 680, and 685W are short throw or ultra-short throw projectors which feature 3500 lumens of brightness. The projectors also include Moderator device management software which allows instructors to wirelessly share students' work from multiple devices, such as computers, Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices.

    The PowerLite for SMART projectors provide all the same features but are also compatible with SMART Board interactive whiteboards. The PowerLite for SMART projectors are designed to work with the SMART Board SBM600 and the SB800 series interactive whiteboards and they support the SMART Extended Control Panel functions.

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