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Which projector can I use to replace a projector that is set up with a SMART Board system?

  • If you are replacing a projector that uses a SMART Board with no SMART Extended Control Panel (ECP), you can use an Epson PowerLite 580, Epson PowerLite 575W, or Epson PowerLite 530. The projector can be mounted to the SMART Mount with an adapter plate (part number V12H870001) which is available from the Epson Store.

    Note: For support on installing the projector on the SMART Mount, contact SMART Technologies.

    If you are replacing a projector on an existing SMART Board with a SMART Extended Control Panel (ECP), use the Epson PowerLite for SMART projectors as a replacement. In addition to replacing the projector, a SMART Power Supply Adapter Kit (part number 1028379) is required and is available Gilmore Global.

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