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Vertical bands, static, or noise appear in the image. What should I do?

  • If the projected image seems to contain electronic interference (noise) or static, try the following solutions:

    • Check the cables connecting your computer or video source to the projector. They should be:
      • Separated from the power cord to prevent interference
      • Securely connected at both ends
      • Not connected to an extension cable
    • Make sure you selected the correct Signal Format or EDID settings in the projector's Signal I/O menu, if available for your image source.
    • Adjust the Noise Reduction, MPEG Noise Reduction, and Deinterlacing settings in the projector's Image menu.
    • Adjust the Blanking setting in the Installation menu to hide noise or static on the edges of the projected image.
    • Adjust the HDMI IN EQ Level setting in the projector's Signal I/O menu. Change the setting to Low if you are using a short HDMI cable, or change the setting to High if you are using a longer HDMI cable.
    • Select a computer video resolution and refresh rate that are compatible with the projector.
    • If you adjusted the image shape using the projector controls, try decreasing the Sharpness setting to improve image quality.
    • If you connected an extension power cable, try projecting without it to see if it caused interference in the signal.
    • If you connected an A/V system that does not support eARC/ARC to the HDMI2 (eARC/ARC) port, the image may be distorted.
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