Epson constantly monitors product performance and manufacturing practices to ensure our products are meeting the very highest standards and expectations of our customers.

It has come to Epson’s attention that in rare and extreme circumstances some Epson projectors that have been mounted contrary to Epson's installation instructions, in areas that are smoky, oily, or exposed to corrosive chemicals, can fall from the mount due to chemical deterioration of the plastic case around the projector mount screw holes.

As a reminder, Epson projectors are sold with a User Guide that addresses important safety instructions for proper installation of the projector, and warnings, including "IMPROPER INSTALLATION CAN LEAD TO PROJECTOR FALLING RESULTING IN SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT" and "Do not use or store the projector where it may be exposed to smoke, steam, corrosive gases, excessive dust, vibration or shock." To obtain a copy of the User Guide go to  and select your product.

Epson recommends that our customers review and follow the instructions and warnings set forth in the projector User Guide when installing and using their projector.

Although there have been no reported cases of personal injury, as a matter of precaution and to encourage safety when using Epson projectors, Epson is offering customers, free of charge, a safety wire that is designed to help support how the projector attaches to the mount and to prevent it from falling.

To order a safety wire or if you have any questions or concerns regarding installation instructions and warnings for the projector mount or installation instructions for the safety wire, please contact our technical service and support department at 888-593-7557 Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time for additional assistance.