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PowerLite 835p Multimedia Projector

Two ultimate solutions for high-performance presentations.

For high-speed wireless performance and brilliant image quality, the XGA Epson PowerLite 835p is clearly the best solution. 3000 ANSI lumens and Epson LCDs ensure accurate color and detail, while 802.11g WiFi capabilities and Epson's superior processing provide the fastest transfer speed for MPEG2 videos and PowerPoint. presentations. There's even a USB and PCMCIA connection to view movies and digital photos. And, advanced security features offer WEP, WPA, and LEAP compatibility. The PowerLite 835p provides a power focus and an ultra wide 1.6x zoom for easy setup in any setting. And, with a wired LAN connection, users can remotely monitor and control all projectors.

  • Model: V11H145020
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