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Epson offers programming, maintenance, and robotics vision guide classes. Here you can find class availability, locations, and registration information.

Learn How to Automate Faster and More Efficiently with Certified Epson Robots Training Courses

Epson offers a wide variety of high-quality, certified courses designed to help system integrators and end-users learn how to quickly and effectively program and operate our robot and vision products. Students can attend courses online or in-person at our headquarters in California or at any of our regional Certified Training Centers. All courses are taught by Epson-certified instructors in a structured environment designed for hands-on learning.

Students learn valuable skills that will help them:

  • Implement automation systems faster
  • Understand how and when to use various functions and options in our programming software
  • Deliver a higher quality of work
  • Get a head start on their next automation project

Upon successful completion of each course, students receive a training certificate for each individual course in recognition of the expertise they’ve gained.

Available Training Courses


Core 1: Epson RC+ Development Environment (3 days)

Core 1 provides students with in-person instruction and hands-on labs to get students quickly comfortable using the RC+ environment and Epson SPEL+ programming language, which is used on all SCARA and 6-axis robots. Students will learn how to organize their projects and quickly create robot programs, teach and manage points, use inputs and outputs and apply conditional statements. With the hands-on labs, students will quickly get comfortable manipulating the robot and controller to develop real world solutions. The Core 1 course is deal for users who are new to robotics or new to Epson and is recommended for engineers and operators of the equipment.

Core 2: Advanced Epson RC+ Development Environment (2 days)

Core 2 is for advanced users who want to take their knowledge to the next level. This course builds upon Core 1, with instruction and hands-on labs focused on integration of Epson robots into today’s complex automation systems. Advanced use of motion control logic and integration are all emphasized in this two-day course. With a focus on points of control, students will learn how to use tools — such as Ethernet remote — to customize and optimize their exact application and use case of the robot using the RC+ development environment. This course is ideal for advance users and system builders. {Recommended Prerequisite: Core 1}

Epson Vision Guide: (2 days)

This class is designed to get users quickly up-and-running developing applications using the point-and-click Epson Vision Guide system. The focus of this course is to build vision sequences since the hard work of integrating vision and robot motion guidance has already been done through Epson’s RC+ programming environment. Students will learn how to configure vision tools and objects within the development environment. Multiple types of calibrations and multiple cameras are supported, giving students hands-on experience with mobile mount, fixed and fixed upward configurations. Common vision applications — such as pick and place, inspection and gauging — are performed by the students. {Recommended Prerequisite: Core 1 is recommended but not required.}

RC+ Express (1 day)

This one-day course is ideal for users who are new to automation and provides students with hands-on experience creating applications using the latest no-code robotic teaching environment from Epson. Epson RC+ Express is designed for quick robot setup with simplified motion, peripheral control and logic. In this course, students will use the no-code, drag-and-drop user interface to set up a robot for simple pick and place and palletize and depalletize operations under the instructor’s step-by-step guidance.


Choose the Training Location That’s Most Convenient

In-person Epson Robots Training Courses are offered at our Certified Training Centers and are conveniently located across the country, providing flexibility for students who wish to minimize travel time and cost. Courses are standardized, so students receive the same training and certificate regardless of the location attended. Courses offered at our Certified Training Centers include Core 1, Core 2, Vision Guide, and RC+ Express.

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