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At Epson, our primary concern is our customers’ experience. As the #1 projector manufacturer in the world, we strive to bring you innovative, high-quality products that enhance your life. That’s why, in addition to creating trusted products used by millions of people every day, we also pay careful consideration to the quality and integrity of the retailers that are authorized to sell Epson® home entertainment products.

Why Buy from an Epson Authorized Home Entertainment Dealer?

  • Warranty protection. Epson is proud to offer some of the most reliable home entertainment projectors in the industry, backed by a renowned limited warranty. However, when a product is purchased from an unauthorized dealer, Epson cannot guarantee that the product will have been handled properly by the dealer or be eligible for warranty protection.
  • Rebates. Products purchased from an unauthorized dealer may not be eligible for mail-in rebates, free lamp offers or other incentives.
  • Training. Epson Authorized Dealers are trained on our full range of home entertainment products and can answer questions and support your needs.
  • Genuine products for the North America market. Epson Authorized Dealers purchase their products directly from Epson America, Inc. or through Epson-authorized distributors, ensuring genuine, quality products built for the North America market.
  • Support. Epson Authorized Dealers have direct access to Epson customer support services.
  • Lamps and accessories. Epson Authorized Dealers offer authentic Epson lamps and accessories.

How do I know if a dealer is not authorized to sell Epson home entertainment products?

Each Epson Home Entertainment product that is sold through an authorized dealer will have a "Where to Buy" button on the product page. Please click here for a list of Epson Home Entertainment products.

To help consumers identify businesses that are not authorized to sell these products online, Epson has created a list of identified unauthorized dealers. While this list is not necessarily complete, these dealers have been clearly identified by Epson as unauthorized.

The limited warranty on Epson home entertainment projectors is not valid if you purchased the product from an unauthorized dealer. The dealers listed below are unauthorized to sell Epson home entertainment projectors:

    • PC-Canada.com
    • Eastporters Audio Video
    • BuyDirect & Save-Canada
    • Gibbys Electronic Supermarket
    • Higher Definition
    • Larger Than Life
Remember, as the #1 projector manufacturer in the world, Epson strives to bring its customers innovative, high-quality products. To ensure a brilliant home entertainment experience, purchase only from Epson Authorized Home Entertainment Dealers.