See Our Large Venue Projectors in Action

Live Events Case Studies

See artistry in a new light.

Learn how artist Radha Chaddah explores the connection between nature and human beings through the medium of light—reframing our perspective on what projector technology can do.

Une nuit sauvage au zoo

An immersive outdoor experience incorporating 13 Epson projectors and multiple projection mapping setups.

Homebody: An immersive experience

Multimedia artist Hueman chose Epson Laser Projectors to create a stunning visual environment for her immersive Homebody art installation.

The PHI Centre: “The Infinite”

When producing “The Infinite,” the PHI Centre selected Epson Pro L Series projectors to help bring the installation to life.

Blockhouse Studios:
Transforms landmark building

The Indianapolis Museum of Art teamed up with Blockhouse Studios to transform Newfields’ Lilly House into "Mischief Manor"

Illuminus Festival:
A Celebration of Light and Sound

Boston’s Illuminus Festival brings music and art to life with Epson's Pro L Series Projectors

Art in the Open:
Reinventing the Canvas

The artists of Illuminus Festival and the cultural importance of expression through projection

Immersion, Transformation, and 15,000 Lumens

Rah Zen and Samo of Nightworks on their genre-bending performance and vision for Illuminus Festival

Andrew Hlynsky:
From Imagination to Reality

Self described “Musical Mad Scientist” Andrew Hlynsky and his own process for his projected work at Illuminus Festival

Artists + Technology:
Going Beyond the Gallery

The artists of the Illuminus Festival use Epson Projector technology to break out of tradition and make their vision known

Electric Forest Music Festival:
Enchanted Forest

Sherwood Forest reimagined by visual artists and musicians creates a dynamic multimedia experience.

George Fok:
Bringing Artistry to Life

When artist George Fok sought projectors for his immersive art exhibit, “Seeking Stillness,” he chose Epson Pro Series projectors for their vibrant, true-to-life image quality and convenient projection mapping tools.

MASARY Studios:
Collaborative Public Art Reimagined

Watch as 400 new media artworks composed by the public through vibrant projection mapping and an innovative web-based instrument come to life at Scottsdale’s Canal Convergence.

Illuminus Festival:
Digital Culture and Human Connection

Making contemporary art accessible and the goal of the Illuminus Festival

Joe Crossley:
Ideas That Travel

Digital artist Joe Crossley and creating mind-blowing art in the most unforgiving environment on earth

BASE Hologram:
Creating Full-Bodied Performace

BASE Hologram lets legendary performers come back to the stage to dazzle and electrify a whole new generation of fans

All of it Now:
Nightlife Enhanced

San Francisco-based creative agency All of it Now creates atmospheric and interactive experiences with Epson's high-brightness projectors

Refik Anadol at KANEKO:
Infinity in a 12-foot Cube

How just four projectors create an infinite space, and infinite possibilities for experiencing public art

Osman Koç:
Lighting Up the Midway

Blurring the lines between artist and technician, Osman Koç’s interactive installations flash to life with Epson's Pro L Series Projectors

Nature’s Best Awards:
Bringing the Splendor of Nature Indoors

Epson partners with known talent to create awe-inspiring displays for the winners of the Nature’s Best Photography Awards with the Pro L Series Projectors

Hope Church:
Stained Glass for the 21st Century

Hope Church in Memphis, TN where worship and tradition meet cutting-edge technology with Epson's high-brightness projectors

Higher Ed Case Studies

St. Edward's University:
Campus Vibrancy

Austin’s St. Edward's University tasks its IT Department to create a campus-wide immersive art experience with Epson's Pro L Series Projectors

Pensacola Christian College:
Projecting School Spirit

Pensacola Christian College enlightens students with Epson Pro Series projectors both on the court and in the classroom

University of Nevada Las Vegas:
Laser Sharp

University of Nevada Las Vegas creates their own stunning pre-game show with Epson's Pro L Series Projectors