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How do I connect my WPS-enabled wireless router to my product?

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    Using WPS to Connect to a Network

    If you have a WPS-enabled wireless router, you can use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to connect your scanner to the network (ES-500W/ES-500WR). Make sure you have installed your scanner software as described on your scanner Start Here sheet.

    Note: For best results, re-install your scanner software and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to a network.

    1. Open the scanner's input tray.
    2. Enable WPS on your router by pressing and holding the WPS button on your wireless router until the security light flashes or by enabling the WPS setting in your router firmware. The router enters WPS discovery mode for 2 minutes.

      Note: If you cannot locate the WPS button, or there are no buttons on the router or access point, see the documentation provided with your router for details.

    3. Press and hold the  Wi-Fi connect button on the scanner for at least 3 seconds, then release it when the  Wi-Fi light flashes blue.

      Note: If you do not complete this step within 2 minutes, repeat steps 1 through 3.

      The  Wi-Fi and  AP mode lights flash alternately while establishing the connection. When the  Wi-Fi light on the scanner stays on, the scanner is connected to the network.

      Note: If the ! error light turns on, the connection failed. Press the  stop button to clear the error, restart the scanner and router, and repeat these steps.

    4. Select the link below to set up network scanner. You must set up network scanning to connect your computer and wireless scanner.
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