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How do I manually connect to a Wi-Fi network?

  • You can manually connect the scanner to a Wi-Fi network by entering the network names (SSIDs) and passwords for your wireless network router and scanner (ES-500W/ES-500WR). You must have a computer with a wireless adapter to set up the connection. Also make sure you have installed the scanner software as described on the scanner Start Here sheet.

    Note: For best results, re-install your scanner software and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to a network.

    1. Make a note of the SSID and password shown on the label on the back of the scanner.
    2. Turn on the scanner.
    3. Press the  Wi-Fi button on the scanner's control panel.
    4. From your computer or device, open the list of wireless networks and select the SSID shown on the scanner label. Then select the connect option.
    5. Enter the password shown on the scanner label. The  AP mode light comes on in blue, indicating an AP mode connection.
    6. Connect your computer or device to the wireless network. Wait for the  Wi-Fi light on the scanner to stop flashing and stay on, indicating that the scanner is connected to the network.
    7. Select the link below to set up network scanning. You must set up network scanning to connect your computer and wireless scanner.
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