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Where do I enter the license key for Epson ScanSmart?

  • Open Epson ScanSmart and follow the instructions below.

    Activating Invoice/Receipt Manager

    You can purchase a license key to activate Invoice/Receipt Manager. An internet connection is required.

    Note: The license key can only activate one scanner.

    1. Click the Settings button in Epson ScanSmart. You see a screen like this:
    2. Click the License Management tab. You see a screen like this:
    3. To purchase a new license key, click Purchase License Key. The Epson product page opens in your web browser where you can purchase the license key. If you already have a license key, go to step 4.
    4. Make sure the scanner you want to activate the license key for is displayed at the top of the screen.
    5. Click Enter License Key. You see a screen like this:
    6. Enter the license key you purchased and click Activate.
    7. Click Yes on the next screen (Windows only).
    8. When you see a message indicating that activation was successful, click OK. The activated scanner and license key appear in the License Management List.
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