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How do I scan using my product's control panel?

    You can scan using the  scan button on your scanner. This automatically launches Epson FastFoto or Epson ScanSmart, depending on which scanning software you have assigned to the button.

    Note: Epson FastFoto is the default scanning software.

    Note: For instructions on scanning with Epson ScanSmart, see the Epson ScanSmart help utility or click here to access the Epson ScanSmart User's Guide.

    1. Make sure you installed the scanner software and the scanner is connected to your computer or network.
    2. Load an original in your scanner.
    3. Press the  scan button. You see a screen like this:

      Fill out the necessary fields depending on how you want the software to organize your scanned images. If you do not want this screen to appear every time you press the  scan button to scan, select the Do not prompt me to describe my photos when scanning checkbox.

      Note: If your scanner is connected to one computer via USB and another computer via wireless, pressing the  scan button on the scanner will save the scanned images to the USB-connected computer.

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