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How do I load photos in the input tray?

    Note: Loading thick photos reduces the maximum number of photos that you can load in a single batch.

    Before loading multiple photos, prepare the photos as described in the link below.

    Do not load fragile or irreplaceable photos, or valuable original documents or artwork, directly into the input tray. This may wrinkle or damage the original. Load these originals one at a time using a carrier sheet.

    Follow these guidelines when loading photos:

    • Do not mix photos and documents. Scan documents separately.
    • Scan photos of the same size in a batch.
    • Do not add more photos during scanning.
    • The total thickness of the photo stack must be less than 0.3 inch (8 mm) including any curve in the photos.
    • Photos may stick together depending on their paper types and thickness. It is best to scan photos in an environment between 59 to 77°F (15 to 25°C) with 40 to 60% humidity to prevent photos from sticking together.
    1. Open the scanner cover, pull up the input tray extension, extend the output tray, and open the stopper.

      Note: Make sure you adjust the position of the stopper to correctly fit the size of the ejected photos.

      Note: If you are loading a photo that is 15.5 inches (393.8 mm) or longer, do not extend the input or output tray extensions and do not open the stopper.

    2. Slide the input tray edge guides all the way out.

    3. Fan your stack of photos and tap them gently on a flat surface to even the edges.

      Note: If you are loading a Polaroid or photo that is 15.5 inches (393.8 mm) or longer, or if you are using the carrier sheet, load only one photo at a time. Make sure you select the correct photo type under Scan Settings in the Settings menu.

    4. Load your photos in the center of the input tray faceup, in landscape orientation and top edge first, then slide them in until they meet resistance.

      Note: If you have both portrait- and landscape-oriented photos in the same stack, you can rotate the portrait images after scanning.

    5. Slide the edge guides against the edges of the photos.

      Note: If you are scanning an original that is 15.5 inches (393.8 mm) or longer, support the original as it enters into and ejects from the scanner as shown.

    6. If necessary during scanning, adjust the position of the stopper and the output tray extension to fit the ejected originals.

      Note: If thicker paper does not eject properly or falls from the output tray, push in the output tray and allow the originals to eject freely onto the surface below the scanner. If the scanned images are affected by the originals ejecting below the scanner, try placing the scanner on the edge of a table where the ejected originals can drop freely.

    If you encounter a paper jam, press the  slow mode button once before scanning to slow down the feeding speed. Press it again when you finish to return to normal speed.

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