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Streaks appear in my image after scanning. What should I do?

  • If streaks appear in all your scanned images, try these solutions:

    • Clean the glass surfaces inside your scanner using a genuine Epson cleaning kit or the microfiber cloth that came with your scanner.
    • The Epson FastFoto software can alert you when dirt is detected on the scanner glass. Click Settings > Device Setting > Scanner Setting and select a setting for Detect Glass Dirt. Click Set.

      Note: Not all lines or dirt can be detected. Dirt may not be detected depending on its position, shape, and concentration. Change the detection sensitivity setting as necessary.

    • The Epson FastFoto software can automatically correct any vertical lines in scanned images. Click Settings > Advanced Settings and click the Reduce lines and streaks checkbox.

      Note: Not all lines can be corrected.

    • Keep the scanner cover closed when it is not in use to prevent dirt or dust from getting inside.
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