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How do I prepare photos for scanning?

    Epson FastFoto can best scan batches of photos if they are all the same size. However, Epson FastFoto can scan photos in these different sizes in a single batch: 4 × 6 inches (102 × 152 mm) and 5 × 7 inches (127 × 178 mm). To do this, you must group photos of the same size next to each other with the largest at the back.

    Epson FastFoto also allows you to add file names to photos as you scan them. Enter a subject or date when you scan a batch of photos and Epson FastFoto will add the subject or date to the file name of each image. Organizing your photos by subject, date, or location before scanning lets Epson FastFoto add a descriptive file name to every photo in a batch, if desired.

    Note: If you are loading a Polaroid® or photo that is 15.5 inches (393.8 mm) or longer, or if you are using the carrier sheet, load only one photo at a time.

    Before scanning multiple photos, organize and clean your photos as described here.

    1. Organize your photos by subject, date, or location.
    2. Group your photos by size in landscape orientation and top edge first.

      Note: If you have both portrait- and landscape-oriented photos in the same stack, you can rotate the portrait images after scanning.

    3. Fan your stack of photos to make sure they are not stuck together. If photos are stuck together, scan them one at a time. (Photos may stick together if you scan the same batch of photos several times.)

      Stuck photos can feed through the scanner at the same time or jam in the scanner, potentially damaging your photos or the scanner.

    4. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the front and back of your photos to remove dust, dirt, or other particles that could potentially scratch your photos.

      Because of the speed at which photos are scanned, dust particles on your photos can cause white lines to appear in scanned images, and in extreme cases can lightly scratch the protective finish on your photos. For best results, wipe off the front and back of your photos before scanning and use the included microfiber cloth to clean the scanner rollers after every 300 scans, or even before each scanning session. See the link below for instructions on cleaning the rollers.

    5. Flatten any curled photos to a thickness of less than 0.07 inch (2 mm). It is best to scan curled photos in an environment between 59 to 77°F (15 to 25°C) with 40 to 60% humidity. Scanning photos at lower temperatures may cause photos to curl.
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