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How do I load plastic cards in the input tray?

  • You can load plastic and laminated cards that meet the card specifications in the input tray.
    1. Pull out the output tray and open the stopper. Do not pull out the extensions.

    2. Slide the input tray edge guides all the way out.

    3. Load plastic or laminated cards (printed side down and long edge first) into the input tray horizontally, and slide them in until they meet resistance.

      Note: Do not load plastic cards vertically.

    4. Slide the edge guides against the edges of the card.

    5. Turn off the Detect Double Feed setting on the Main Settings tab in Epson Scan 2 when scanning the cards.

      Note: If you do not disable the Detect Double Feed setting and a double feed error occurs, remove the plastic or laminated card from the input tray and reload it. Press the down arrow button on the control panel, and select DFDS Function > On to disable the Detect Double Feed setting for the next scan. The DFDS Function setting only disables the Detect Double Feed setting for one scan.

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