Support Scanners ES Series Epson ES-865

How do I load a legal-size document?

  • Do the following:

    1. Pull up the input tray extension.
    2. Pull out the output tray and its extension, and open the stopper.

    3. Slide out the input tray edge guides all the way.

    4. Load a legal-size original in the input tray printed side down and top edge first.

    5. Slide the original into the scanner until it meets resistance.
    6. Slide the edge guides against the edges of the original.

    Note: If you are loading an original that is 15.5 inches (393.8 mm) or longer, do not pull out the input or output tray extensions or open the stopper. Support the original as it enters into and ejects from the scanner as shown and use the following resolutions:

    • 15.5 to 53 inches (393.8 to 1346.2 mm): 301 dpi to 600 dpi
    • 53 to 215 inches (1346.3 to 5461 mm): 201 dpi to 300 dpi
    • 215 to 240 inches (5461.1 to 6096 mm): 200 dpi or less

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