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How do I use my product's control panel to automatically email a scanned item?

  • If your product is connected to a network, you can set up a job in Document Capture Pro (Windows) or Document Capture (Mac) to automatically send a scanned item to Outlook or MAPI-enabled email applications. To set up a job for this purpose, see the instructions below for your version of the software.

    Note: Make sure your Epson product and computer are connected to the same network.

    Note: The scanner supports a wired network connection only. To connect your scanner to the network with a wired connection, you need the optional Epson Network Interface Unit (B12B808441).

    Document Capture Pro 2.0 (Windows)

    1. Start the software.
    2. Click Switch to Simple View, if necessary.
    3. Click < at the top right corner of the screen.
    4. Click the Job Settings button. You see this window:

    5. Click  New Job.
    6. Enter a descriptive name in the Job Name field.
    7. Select Scan and enter your Scan Settings.
    8. Select Save and enter your Save Settings.
    9. Select Send and select E-mail from the Destination drop-down list.
    10. Select New from the Setting Name drop-down list.
    11. Enter an email address for your recipient and click Add.
    12. Enter a Subject and Message for your email.
    13. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Account Settings.

    14. In the new window, set up your email account by entering your email address and selecting your Sending Method and Authentication settings.

      Note: The Microsoft Outlook option does not support the 64-bit or online versions of Outlook, such as Office 365. To send your scanned image using one of these versions, select the MAPI-enabled E-mail Application Software or SMTP option instead.

    15. Click OK. The Job Name will appear in the Job List.

    Document Capture (Mac)

    1. Start the software.
    2. Click Manage Job and click + to create a job.
    3. Enter a descriptive name in the Job Name field.
    4. Select Scan and enter your Scan Settings.
    5. Select Output and enter your Output Settings.
    6. Select Destination and select Mail in the Destination pop-up menu.

    7. In the Destination Name pop-up menu, select Save As and enter a destination name in the window that appears. Click OK.
    8. Enter a specific email address where you'd like to automatically send the scanned attachment(s) in the E-mail Address field. Enter the subject and body of the email in the Subject and Body Text fields, respectively.

      Note: To attach your scan to a blank email, enter a Setting Name and select Check e-mail before sending. Leave the other fields blank.

    9. Click OK. The new job appears in the Job List.
    10. Click and select Event Settings. Select your new job from the drop-down list.

      Note: If the drop-down list is blank in Event Settings, restart your computer. Start Document Capture and perform this step again.

    11. Click OK and click OK again. The Job Name appears in the Job Settings window.

    To scan, press the start button on the scanner.

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