Support Scanners DS Series Epson DS-70

The scanner does not turn on or turns off unexpectedly. What should I do?

  • If the scanner does not turn on or off or if it turns off unexpectedly, try these solutions:

    • Wait a second after connecting the USB cable. It may take a few seconds until the scanner turns on.
    • If the scanner turns off unexpectedly, you may need to adjust the Power Save settings.
    • Use the scanner within the operating temperature range. The scanner may turn off suddenly under low or high temperatures.
    • Use the USB cable that came with the scanner.
    • Make sure the USB cable is securely connected to the scanner and the computer.
    • Connect the scanner directly to the computer. The scanner may not work properly when connected through a USB hub.
    • If the scanner is running on the battery under temperatures that are too low or too high, the scanner will not turn on. Use the scanner within the operating temperature range (DS-80W).
    • Make sure the battery has enough power (DS-80W).
    • Make sure the  Wi-Fi switch is in the  Wi-Fi position or connect to the computer using the USB cable. Otherwise, the scanner may turn off (DS-80W).
    • If the scanner does not turn off when running on the battery, disconnect the USB cable and press the reset button on the bottom of the scanner (DS-80W).

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