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My scanning software doesn't work properly in Windows or on my Mac. What should I do?

  • If your scanning software does not operate correctly, try these solutions:

    • Make sure your computer has adequate memory and meets the system requirements for your operating system.
    • Make sure your computer is not running in a power-saving mode, such as sleep or standby. If so, wake your system and restart your scanning software.
    • Make sure the scanner is turned on.
    • Make sure the connection between the scanner and your computer is secure.
    • If you upgraded your operating system but did not reinstall your scanning software, try reinstalling it.
    • In Windows, be sure that the scanner is listed under Imaging Devices in the Device Manager.
    • Make sure the scanning software is installed.
    • Use the USB cable that came with the scanner.
    • Connect the scanner directly to the computer. The scanner may not work properly when connected through a USB hub.
    • If you are using a TWAIN-compliant program, make sure that the correct product is selected as the Scanner or Source setting.
    • Check that the Wi-Fi connection is working correctly. Try turning the wireless router off and on (ES-60W/ES-65WR).
    • Make sure another computer is not connected to the scanner using a USB cable. A USB connection takes priority over a Wi-Fi connection. If another computer is connected by USB, disconnect it.
    • If you are using a Mac computer, make sure you select the network that has priority on it.
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