Support Scanners ES Series Epson WorkForce ES-60W

How should I transport or store my product?

  • If you need to ship your product, transport it a long distance, or store it for an extended period, prepare it for transportation as described here.
    1. Turn off the scanner (ES-60W/ES-65WR).
    2. Disconnect the USB cable, if connected.
    3. Place the scanner in its original packing materials, if possible, or use equivalent materials with cushioning around the product.

      Strong impacts may damage the scanner. Do not expose the scanner to direct sunlight or leave it near heaters or in locations subject to high temperatures. Heat may cause the body to deform.

      Note: If you are taking the scanner with you on a flight, first confirm with the airline if you can take the scanner on the airplane. We recommend you take the scanner in your carry-on luggage as the scanner can be damaged by a strong impact depending on how your checked luggage is handled at the airport.

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