How do I scan a document with Epson ScanSmart?

  • You can scan and review documents in Epson ScanSmart.

    Note: The images show Windows screens for the ES-580W; Mac screens and those for the RR-600W model may be slightly different. Depending on your product model and software version, not all options may be available.

    1. Load your original into the scanner.
    2. Start the scan by doing one of the following:
      • Press the start button on the scanner. Epson ScanSmart automatically opens on your computer and the scan job begins. (The default is double-sided scanning.)

        Note: You can change the scanning button default in the Settings menu.

      • Open Epson ScanSmart on your computer. Do one of the following:
        • Windows 10: Click > Epson Software > Epson ScanSmart.
        • Windows 8.x: Navigate to the Apps screen and select Epson ScanSmart.
        • Windows 7: Click , and select All Programs. Select Epson Software > Epson ScanSmart.
        • Mac: Open the Applications folder, open the Epson Software folder, and select Epson ScanSmart.

        You see a screen like this:

        Note: Trial software offer not available for all models in all regions.

    3. Select a scan option. The scan job begins and your original feeds through the scanner. When scanning is complete, you see a screen like this:
    4. You can review, edit, or reorder the scanned images as follows:
      • Select Scan to scan more originals.
      • Select Delete to delete selected scanned images.
      • Select Rotate Right to rotate each scanned image.
      • Select Crop to crop the selected image.
      • Select Stitch Images to combine two selected images into one image.
      • If you scanned double-sided, select On or Off for Include back sides if you want to keep or discard the back sides of scanned images.
      • Select Skip this screen next time if you do not want to preview images each time.
    5. When you are finished reviewing the scanned images, click Next. You see a screen like this:
    6. Select an option to save, send, or print the scanned images. See the links below.
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