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I'm having problems installing the software. What should I do?

    Check the following:
    • Make sure your printer is turned on, then carefully follow the software installation instructions on the Start Here sheet.
    • Make sure your system meets the requirements.
    • Make sure all applications (including any screen savers and virus protectors) are closed before you install the software. If any applications were open, uninstall the software, then reinstall the software.
    • If you see an error message or your software doesn't install correctly, you may not have software installation privileges. Contact your System Administrator.
    • If you're using a USB connection, make sure the USB Controller is working properly in Device Manager. See your Windows help system for details. If it's not working, contact your computer manufacturer.
    • If you're printing over a network, see B-500DN Network Installation Guide.
    • Uninstall the printer software, then reinstall the printer software.

      Note: If you're using a USB connection, you must connect the printer to your computer at the correct time to make sure the driver is installed correctly on your computer.
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