How do I copy legal-size documents on legal-size paper?

  • Do the following:
    1. Load legal-size paper. See Load Paper in the Main Tray.
    2. Open the ADF (Auto Document Feeder) paper support.
    3. Fan the originals, then tap the stack on a flat surface to even the edges.
    4. Move the edge guide outward.
    5. Insert your legal-size originals face-up.

      Note: Load only up to 10 sheets at a time to prevent paper feeding problems. Make sure the originals are not creased or folded and do not contain tape, staples, or other materials that could obstruct the feeder.
    6. Slide the edge guides against the originals.

      When paper is loaded in the Automatic Document Feeder in Copy or Fax mode, the ADF icon appears on the display:
    7. Press the Home button and select Copy.
    8. To print more than 1 copy, press + or to select the number (up to 99). Or press the number 1 (above the word copies) to display the numeric keypad, then select the number and press OK.
    9. Select Color or B&W .
    10. Adjust the Density (darkness or lightness) of the copy, if necessary.
    11. Press Menu, and select Paper and Copy Settings.
    12. Select Paper Size, then select Legal.

      Paper Size options depend on the Paper Type setting you choose. After you finish selecting your settings, press OK.
    13. Press Start to begin copying.
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