My product is printing blank pages from Windows or my Mac. What should I do?

  • Epson has a Firmware Update that will correct this issue. Do the following:
    1. Read the instructions carefully.
    2. Make sure the printer is powered on and communicating with the printer.
    3. Download and run the Firmware Update from the Downloads tab.
    4. Click Next, then read the Software License Agreement and click I Agree if you agree. Click Next.
    5. Read the Important Information screen and click Next.
    6. Select your printer connection route and click Next.
    7. On the Firewall Warning screen, make sure the Allow Access (Windows Firewall only) check box is selected and click Next.
    8. Make sure your printer is selected and click Start.
    9. Click Yes to start the printer update.
    10. When the update is complete, click Finish.
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