How do I send a fax from my product's control panel?

  • You can send a fax from your product control panel by manually dialing the fax number or redialing the last dialed fax number.
    1. Place your original on the product for faxing.
    2. Press the  home button, if necessary.
    3. Select Fax.
    4. Do one of the following:
      • Select the Enter Fax Number area on the LCD display, then use the numeric keypad to enter the fax number. You can enter up to 64 characters.
      • Select Redial to redial the last dialed fax number.
    5. If you need to change any fax settings, scroll down and select your settings.

      Note: If your recipient's fax machine does not print in color, your fax is automatically sent in black-and-white.

    6. Press the  start button. If prompted, select where you placed your document (ADF or scanner glass).

      Note: To cancel faxing, select Cancel.

      Your product scans your original and prompts you to place additional pages, if necessary.
    After scanning your originals, your product dials the number and sends the fax.

    Note: If the number is busy or there is a communication problem, your product displays a redialing message and will redial the number in a few minutes.

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