How do I connect my product to my wireless network using the product's control panel?

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    Selecting Wireless Network Settings from the Control Panel

    You can select or change wireless network settings using your product control panel.

    To install your product on a wireless network, follow the instructions in the Quick Guide and install the necessary software. The installer program guides you through network setup.

    1. From the home screen, select Wi-Fi Setup and press the OK button. You see this screen:

    2. Select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and press the OK button.
    3. Do one of the following:
      • Press the OK button to select the wireless network displayed.
      • Press the cancel button to select a different wireless network. Then, press the arrow buttons to select the name of your wireless network and press the OK button. If you do not see your wireless network's name, you can enter it manually.

        Note: To enter the wireless network name manually, select Other SSID and press the OK button. Enter your network name as described in the next step.

    4. If you see the following screen, enter your wireless password (or network name and then password).

      • Press the up and down arrow buttons to scroll through characters (including uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers). Then press the right arrow button to move to the next character.
      • To delete characters, press the left arrow.
      • When you finish entering characters, press the OK button.

      Note: The network name and password are case sensitive. Be sure to correctly enter uppercase and lowercase letters, and numeric or special characters.

    5. If you want to print a network setup report, press the OK button. (Otherwise, press the cancel button.) Your product should now be connected to the network.

      Note: If the Wi-Fi connection symbol does not appear on the LCD screen, you may have selected the wrong network name or entered the password incorrectly. Repeat these steps to try again.

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