I can send a fax but can't receive one. What should I do?

  • Try the following:

    • Set the Receive Mode on the product to Auto. Select Setup > System Administration > Fax Settings > Receive Settings > Receive Mode > Auto.
    • If you cannot receive faxes when a telephone is connected to your product, set Receive Mode to Manual and make sure your telephone is connected to your product's EXT port.
    • If you're using an answering machine, make sure it's connected to the EXT port on the product and not a wall jack.
    • If you connect an answering machine and Auto Answer mode is on or Receive Mode is set to Auto, make sure the product's Rings to Answer setting is set higher than the number of rings your answering machine is set to answer a call.
    • Make sure paper is loaded correctly in your product.
    • Turn off call waiting. Call waiting may disrupt an incoming fax.
    • If you subscribe to a call forwarding service, the product may not be able to receive faxes. Contact your service provider for assistance.

    Note: If your phone line includes voicemail answering services, calls or faxes may be inadvertently received by your voicemail service.

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