How do I replace the maintenance box?

  • The maintenance box stores surplus ink that gets flushed from the system during print head cleaning. When you see a message on the LCD screen, follow the on-screen instructions to replace the maintenance box.

    Note the following precautions when replacing the maintenance box:

    • Do not remove the maintenance box or its cover except when replacing the maintenance box.
    • Do not touch the green chip on the side of the maintenance box.
    • Do not tilt the maintenance box after removing it or ink may leak.
    • Do not touch the openings in the maintenance box or you may get ink on you.
    • Do not drop the maintenance box or subject it to strong shocks.
    • If you cannot replace the cover, the maintenance box may not be installed correctly. Remove and reinstall the maintenance box.
    • Do not store the maintenance box in high or freezing temperatures.

    Do not reuse a maintenance box that has been removed and left uninstalled for a long period. Keep the maintenance box away from direct sunlight.

    Note: The maintenance box is a user-replaceable part and is not covered by the product warranty.

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