How do I check my product’s network status?

  • You can use a web browser to check the operating status of the product with the product’s built-in Web Config Utility, or you can print a network connection report to diagnose connection problems with the product on your network. See below.

    Accessing the Web Config Utility

    You can select your product's network settings and confirm its operating status using a web browser. You do this by accessing your product's built-in Web Config utility from a computer or other device that is connected to the same network as your product.
    1. Print a network status sheet.
    2. Locate the IP address for your product that is listed on the network status sheet.
    3. On a computer or other device connected to the same network as your product, open a web browser.
    4. Enter your product's IP address into the address bar. You see the available Web Config utility options.
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    Printing a Network Status Sheet

    Printing a Network Status Sheet

    You can print a network status sheet to help you determine the causes of any problems you may have using your product on a network.

    To print the status sheet, hold down the  network status button on the product for at least five seconds.

    Note: If you release the button before five seconds elapses, a network connection report is printed instead of a network status sheet.

    Examine the settings shown on the network status sheet to diagnose any problems you may have.

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    Printing a Network Connection Report
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