I replaced an ink cartridge, but my product shows that the same ink is expended. What should I do?

  • The ink cartridges may not have been installed using the correct procedure, or they may not be seated correctly. Follow the instructions below to correctly install and reseat the ink cartridges.

    Note: This product is designed to use only genuine Epson-brand ink cartridges. Other brands of ink cartridges and ink supplies are not compatible and, even if described as compatible, may not function properly. Please replace any non-Epson cartridges with Genuine Epson cartridges.

    1. Turn on your product.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • If you see the ink expended message on the screen, select the option to replace the ink cartridge.
      • If you do not see the ink expended message on the screen, press the home button, if necessary, and select Maintenance > Ink Cartridge(s) Replacement > Next > Start.
    3. When a message instructing you to replace the ink cartridges appears on the screen, lift up the scanner unit until it clicks.
    4. Make sure the print head is in the ink replacement position. You should be able to see the blue tabs on the ink cartridges. If you cannot see the tabs, close the scanner unit and repeat the previous steps.

      Do not move the print head by hand or use any kind of tool to remove a cartridge; otherwise, you may damage your product.

    5. Remove all of the ink cartridges. For each one, squeeze the tab on the cartridge and lift the cartridge straight up to remove it.

      Do not touch the flat white cable or translucent film inside the product.

    6. After you've removed all of the ink cartridges, reinsert them one by one. Press each cartridge down until it clicks into place.

      Make sure not to place the photo black ink cartridge (PB) in the black ink (BK) slot.

    7. Lower the scanner unit.
    8. Select Completed on the screen.

      The print head moves to its home position, and the product starts charging the ink. This takes a few minutes. When you see a completion message on the screen, ink charging is finished.

      Do not turn off the product while ink is charging or you may not be able to print.

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