How do I restore the colors in faded photos?

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    Restoring Photos While Copying

    You can restore the colors in faded photos as you make copies of them.
    1. Place your original photos on the scanner glass.
    2. Load the paper you want to print on.
    3. Press the  home button, if necessary.
    4. Select Various prints.
    5. Select Various copies. You see a screen like this:

    6. Select Copy/Restore Photos.
    7. Make sure the Restore Color setting is set to On.
    8. Select your paper and print settings as necessary and press the right arrow button.
    9. Select Start Scanning. Your originals are scanned and a preview with restored colors appears on the LCD screen.
    10. If you need to edit the copy, press the  reset button and change any of these settings as necessary:
      • Photo Adjustments: Select Fix Photo On to improve the color, contrast, and sharpness of flawed photos.
      • Filter: Select B&W to apply a monochrome filter.
      • Crop/Zoom: Zoom in to enlarge a part of the photo and crop it.
    11. To print more than one copy, press the + or button to increase or decrease the number of copies.

      Note: You can also select Copies and use the displayed numeric keypad to select the number of copies (up to 99).

    12. When you are ready to copy, press the  start button.

      Note: To cancel copying, press the  cancel button.

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