I see a message on the LCD screen prompting me to reset the ink levels, but the ink levels are not below the lower line on the ink tank. What should I do?

  • If you see a message on the LCD screen prompting you to reset the ink level, do the following:

    1. Refill the ink tank all the way to the upper line.

      Note: Depending on the operating conditions, you may see the ink reset message even when there is still ink in the tank.

    2. Follow the instructions on the LCD screen to reset the ink level.

    Note: The product has a low ink alert system. The accuracy of this system depends on the user refilling the ink tank correctly. The product cannot directly measure the ink level in the tank; instead it estimates the amount of ink remaining by internally monitoring ink usage. The low ink alert system may generate inaccurate messages if the ink tank is not refilled according to these instructions.

    As a precaution, perform regular visual inspections of the ink tank to ensure the ink level does not fall below the lower line. Continued use of the product when the ink level is below the lower line on the tank could damage the product.

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