How should I transport or store my product?

  • If you need to store your product or transport it a long distance, prepare it for transportation as described here.

    Caution: During transportation and storage, follow these guidelines:

    • Avoid tilting the product or turning it upside down. Also avoid placing the product on its side for an extended period of time. Ink may leak.
    • Leave the ink cartridges installed. Removing the cartridges can dry out the print head and may prevent the product from printing.
    • Do not carry the product by its control panel; this may damage the product.

    Note: Before storing your product for a long period, replace low, expended, or expired ink to help prevent the print head from drying out. Store your product in a cool, dry place.

    1. Turn off the product. The control panel and output tray close automatically.
    2. Lift up the scanner unit and check to see if the print head is in the far right position (the home position). If not, turn on the product, wait for the print head to move, then turn the product off again.

    3. Place the protective material that came with the product on top of the ink cartridge holder as shown and secure the ink cartridge holder to the case with tape.

      Do not place tape on the white flat cable inside the product; otherwise, you may damage your product.

    4. Lower the scanner unit.

      Note: The scanner unit is designed to close slowly as a precaution against trapping fingers. Continue to close the scanner unit even if you feel some resistance.

    5. Remove all the paper from the product.
    6. Remove any memory cards or USB devices from the product.
    7. Unplug the power cable.
    8. Disconnect any connected cables.
    9. Close all parts on the product as shown.

    10. Place the product in its original packing materials, if possible, or use equivalent materials with cushioning around the product.

    Keep the product level during transportation.

    Be sure to remove the tape and protective material from the ink cartridge holder before turning on your product. If print quality has declined when you print again, clean and align the print head.

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