How do I copy a document or ID card using the product's control panel?

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    Copying Books, ID Cards, or Borderless Photos

    You can copy two pages of a book or both sides of an ID card onto a single sheet of paper. You can also copy a photo and print it without any borders.
    1. Place your originals on the scanner glass.
    2. Load the paper you want to print on.
    3. Press the  home button, if necessary.
    4. Select Various prints
    5. Select Various copies. You see a screen like this:

    6. Select one of these options:
      • ID Card to scan and copy both sides of an ID card onto one side of paper.
      • Book Copy to copy two facing pages of a book onto a single sheet of paper.

        Note: Make sure the first page of your original is placed on the scanner glass as described on the LCD screen and press the OK button.

      • Borderless Copy to make a copy without margins around the edges.
    7. To print more than one copy, press the + and buttons to increase or decrease the number of copies.

      Note: You can also select Copies and use the displayed numeric keypad to select the number of copies (up to 99).

    8. Change any of the displayed settings as necessary.
    9. Select the Advanced Settings tab to view and change additional copy settings, if necessary.
    10. Select Preview to preview your copy on the LCD screen.
    11. When you are ready to copy, press the  start button.

      Note: To cancel printing, press the  stop button.

    12. Follow any on-screen instructions to place the rest of your originals and select Start Scanning.
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