What do my product's lights indicate?

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    Product Status Messages

    You can often diagnose problems with your product by checking the messages and status icons on its LCD screen.

    Note: If the screen is dark, press the screen to wake the product from sleep mode.

    LCD screen message Condition/solution
    Printer error. Turn on the printer again. See your documentation for more details. Turn the product off and then back on again. If the error persists, check for and remove any jammed paper or protective materials from the product. If the error still persists, contact Epson for support.

    If you see any of the following error codes, make sure you have not exceeded the loading capacity for any paper source:

    • 000181
    • 000184
    Paper out in XX. Load the size and type of paper in the paper source indicated.
    Too many paper cassette units are installed. Turn the power off and uninstall the extra units. See your documentation for details. You can use up to three optional paper cassettes. Remove any extra units.
    Unsupported paper cassettes are installed. Turn the power off and uninstall the extra units. See your documentation for details. Remove the unsupported paper cassettes by reversing the installation instructions.
    Cannot print because XX is out of order. You can print from another cassette. Turn the product off and then back on again. Reinsert the indicated paper cassette. If the error persists, contact Epson for support.
    The pickup roller in XX has reached the end of its service life. Replace the pickup roller, then reset the roller counter for that cassette.
    You need to replace Ink Supply Unit. Replace the ink pack
    Paper Setup Auto Display is set to Off. Some features may not be available. For details, see your documentation. AirPrint is not available when the Paper Setup Auto Display setting is disabled. Change Paper Setup Auto Display to On.
    The combination of the IP address and the subnet mask is invalid. See your documentation for more details. Contact your product administrator.
    To use cloud services, update the root certificate from the Epson Web Config utility. Contact your product administrator.
    Check that the printer driver is installed on the computer and that the port settings for the printer are correct. Make sure the printer port is selected correctly in Property > Port from the Printer menu. Select the USBXXX setting for a USB connection or EpsonNet Print Port for a network connection.
    Paper feed error. Remove Cassette 1, make sure there is no jammed paper remaining in the printer, and reload the paper. Even if you cannot feed the paper, check the position of the pickup roller lock. If the position is wrong, push the pickup roller lock with your finger to correct the position. See the pickup roller replacement videos on the Epson support site for instructions.
    Recovery mode

    Update Firmware

    Contact your product administrator.
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